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Your external world and your internal world are at odds right now. You have great ideas, but you aren’t interested in shouting them out to the world. Something is keeping you from speaking up right now, and you need to just sit with it until it’s over and you’re ready to break out of your shell again. This is a perfectly normal phase to be going through, so don’t add stress to your life by worrying about it! Being alone may bring you comfort right now, and that’s all that matters.

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Today is the day to assert yourself. If you feel uncomfortable (or just strongly), go ahead and make your voice heard. Your confidence is sure to inspire someone else to make the right decision.

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Get closer by sharing fewer words and more quiet time. Silence feeds the soul and expands your notion of what a relationship should be. Afterward, you’ll see that reality is so much more rewarding.


You’re suddenly making huge advances on a project that has been stalled for quite some time. You’re not sure if it’s you or the economy, but something is finally working right. Don’t spend precious time trying to figure it out just yet. Make the most of everything while you have the opportunity.



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