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The higher-ups in your life have been less than understanding lately. That goes for family members, elders, and authority figures in general. You’ve gone out of your way to keep doing what they just recently told you was the right thing to do. But now you’re a bit confused. If that same intensity leaks over into your other relationships, try to be patient. This, too, shall pass. Guaranteed.

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Ask yourself what you can do to help the community. After all, love comes in many forms. It’s not just between individuals. Cultivate that sense of bond and affection in new ways.

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If a busy schedule keeps you from seeing your partner face-to-face today, make good use of other forms of communication. A flirty phone call or DM will help fill the gap until you can see each other again.


Your first instinct is always to share, and that’s definitely one of your better qualities. But with less and less resources at your disposal, even you need to start thinking about keeping more to yourself. Just don’t get used to it.



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