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Try to get into a conversation with the smartest person you know even if it’s over e-mail. They have a plan you need to hear, and it involves an unusual cultural experience. Find out what they have cooking and if you can get involved. Even if you’re not too into the idea, try to muster up some enthusiasm just the same. It’s important to be more open right now. This person holds the ticket to your next big spiritual growth spurt, so take this opportunity.

Singles Lovescope

Don’t take your standing with another person for granted. They may feel you’re in an exclusive arrangement. Before you go out and break their heart with another honey, clear the air. Honesty isn’t always easy, but it is effective.

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The heat in your relationship can go from simmer to boil under the current astrological influences. Passion is definitely through the roof, which means excitement from dusk to dawn. You’re in your element.


Your first instinct is to be possessive, but being tight with money really won’t help anything. It could even hurt your finances to be too frugal. Remind yourself that it takes money to make money for a reason.



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