Daily Forecast Aquarius 06-03


Aquarius Daily Forecast

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It might be slow going at the start of the day, but don’t let yourself get discouraged too easily. The people around you have some excellent ideas to share with you and will be looking to you to put the finishing touches on things. It’s collaboration that will give you the energy you need, not going off on your own. Stick close to controversial folks who always get a reaction. They might inspire you to take more risks. After all, you’re entering a very lucky phase.

Singles Lovescope

Something really moves you today. Whether you see a face that reminds you of an ex or hear a song that transports you back to high school, you’ll experience a tremendous sense of longing. Act on it. Make a call or write a message and reconnect.

Couple Lovescope

Being part of a duo doesn’t mean you two share a brain. Speak your mind even when you know it contradicts your partner. Your independent ideas and opinions make the relationship exciting.


If something seems like a good deal, it is — for the other party. You can’t be too careful when dealing with other people and their business propositions. On the other hand, it doesn’t take looking too much beneath the surface to see their real agenda.



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