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Take a look around your home. If you’re not happy with what you see, why not step it up and make some changes? Whether you decide to take out a wall, put on an addition or just toss some fresh paint on the walls, you’ll feel like you have a brand-new place. Oh, and if you’re after a truly brand-new place, call a real-estate agent. This would be a great time to take the plunge (but you need the help of a professional).

Singles Lovescope

Certain days scream ‘Stand out!’ Today, not so much. Ease into the background and blend in with the masses. There you’ll meet someone else who’s attempting to do the same. When your eyes meet, you’ll know what it’s really like to click with another person.

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It’s tempting to cross a line even — or especially — when you know it would bug your partner. Take another look at this, though. Occasionally rules need to be broken, but sometimes it’s just you acting out. Which is it now?


It’s impossible to know which door has the money behind it and which one is hiding a black hole. The only way to know is to try one after another. It’s a daunting task and no one will blame you for picking up your money and going home with it.


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