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You’ve been dropping hints lately about a certain someone you’ve been spending all that time with, about how wonderful they are, how nicely they were gifted by the gods in the physical, emotional, and intellectual senses, etc. You’ve been going on and on. Now it’s time to take your new companion out to meet the gang and prove that you really do have impeccable taste. Bet you just can’t contain yourself, you’re so darned happy about it. Might be fun to show up just a few minutes late, though. Don’t they still call it “fashionably” late?

Singles Lovescope

Make a romantic investment today. Do something sweet for a friend or help out a total stranger, but don’t tell anyone else. This great energy should push you in a new, more exciting direction.

Couple Lovescope

Trust your inner knowledge more than you trust the so-called experts. Even if your partner knows you inside and out, you remain the final authority over your fate. Exercise your intuition and it will grow stronger.


You’re starting to put a lot of energy into your sunny outlook. It’s getting harder and harder to stay positive. Don’t get upset because things aren’t progressing at the pace you hoped for, but don’t waste energy blocking out that reality, either.


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