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One or two things could change with little or no notice today, but this fluctuation will do you some good. Sure, you could choose to flail about and try to fight to put things back into the little boxes you want them to be in, but what’s the point? You’ll only tire yourself out. Don’t deprive yourself of surprises and spontaneous adventures. Go along with what the crowd wants to do and you’ll have more fun that you thought you would.

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Relationship issues have a way of surfacing at the worst times. Ask friends for advice on how to keep things in proper perspective. Don’t drown in the drama. Time may be the big cure in this circumstance.

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Is there trouble brewing? Contain this tempest in a teacup before it boils over. One of the best ways to do that is to turn down the heat on any touchy topics of conversation that you two have been covering.


You tend to want to keep conversations light and airy, but the subjects you have to deal with today are like cement shoes. Make sure everyone takes things as seriously as you do or you will all go under together.


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