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A serious jolt of social electricity could hit you square in the funny bone today, giving you a serious urge to laugh, dance, and generally scatter your responsibilities to the four winds. And while it would be awfully nice to kick back and have fun all day, it’s just not practical. However, you do have the kind of ingenuity required to add some fun to the mix of what you’ll be doing today, so do it. Relax the guidelines. Encourage everyone act a little sillier.

Singles Lovescope

Creative projects progress at the speed of light when you work with the right partner. Look around. Someone who has talent in this area might also be a good romantic match for you.

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Your main squeeze might misinterpret what you thought was a brilliant idea. That doesn’t mean it’s silly. Far from it. This glitch just means you have to refine your communication style regarding your discovery.


Since no one knows just what to do about the economy, why not do some light debating? No one is in the mood, Gemini, so keep your ideas in check until you’re with like minded people.


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