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When you least expect it, someone you’re quite fond of could call, write, or visit with one objective in mind: persuade you to take their side in a tricky dispute. You, of course, won’t hesitate to agree, especially if it’s a city hall kind of thing. This time, though, you might want to insist that they uncover the nature of the problem before you sign up.

Singles Lovescope

Dreams are a gateway to your subconscious. If you’re worried about money, family, or love, it will most likely surface as a series of symbols. Jot down anything you remember from your dreams to gain insight about what you could be suppressing.

Couple Lovescope

You and your partner are going to find yourselves on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to a certain issue now. And the tension is going to turn out to be very attractive.


You may not have much money at your disposal these days, but you still have some old standbys in your arsenal. Flattery comes to mind, as does happiness and, of course, sex appeal. Do some self promotion.


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