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It’s a super day for flirting. Everyone is feeling sunny and ready to have fun. So have fun! Hold that eye contact a little longer than you need to. Flatter them with a ridiculous compliment that forces them to blush. It’s good to spread around some sassy energy, and who says you have to follow through? Flirting is all about having fun and making people notice you.

Singles Lovescope

What you consider friendly might come across as a little aggressive to somebody not quite as bold as you are. Try a smile and a friendly question rather than obvious flirtation. Sometimes opposites really do attract!

Couple Lovescope

Make time for the small details and the nitpicky tasks now or they’ll soon seem overwhelming. In reality, that to-do list that you and your partner have compiled is definitely conquerable.


Don’t get upset if things don’t progress. It’s not the right time of year to make a killing. Stick with current projects even as your routine gets more and more disrupted.


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