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Give credit where credit is due today. You have to communicate to other people how impressed you are with their behavior or accomplishments. When you do, you set up a reciprocal relationship. This person will be the first one to cheer you on when your time in the spotlight arrives. Giving to others feels good, but it’s also a great way to ensure that others give back to you some day in the future. Build more bridges.

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You might want to avoid online shopping today unless you’re prepared to buy everything you see! Your desire for impulse buying is very high right now. If you can’t resist the call, at least take some breaks to check out the eye candy at a cafe.

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Start making plans now for a big evening in the future. Your ability to keep track of a lot of details will help you plan something really special for you and your loved one.


The most daring of your friends won’t take risks when money is involved. You, however, will go out on a limb for anything. It goes without saying your payoff may be huge or you may lose it all. Either way beats playing it safe, in your humble opinion.


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