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Make sure you do whatever it takes to get some peace and quiet today. It’s healthy to have time to yourself every once in a while, and today is as good a time as any. Your creativity hasn’t been as sharp as usual, and you could use a recharge. Do something fun that’s best done alone. Read a juicy novel, watch a silly movie that you’re almost embarrassed to love so much, or take a long bath. Get a short break from the action and the energy of other people.

Singles Lovescope

Planning to stay home tonight? Forget it. Once you’re there, you’ll want to be out being social. Put together an intriguing evening and be ready for some extremes in energy. Yours and others’.

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Throw your shoulder behind new responsibilities and surprise even yourself with how much gets done. The happy news is how much you’ll have to celebrate in the evening with your partner.


You like to think that family responsibilities are the only things that tie you to making money, but you’re ready to throw in the towel no matter what the driving force is. You ultimately won’t let yourself off the hook, so don’t bother stewing in your own juices.


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