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Aries Daily Forecast

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Like a well-rehearsed dance, your day will be a wonderful balance between entertaining and thought-provoking concepts. There will also be a mixture of tempos and energy throughout the day and nothing too extreme, so don’t worry about being taken for a roller-coaster ride. Your mood will be totally consistent and should inspire others to put more confidence in your decisions. Review the day with a discerning eye and take stock of changes you might want to make soon.

Singles Lovescope

The kinds of positive outcomes and rewards that you’re constantly striving for are served up on a silver platter now. Be ready to take it a step further!

Couple Lovescope

Love isn’t always a picnic, and right now your relationship may seem to be all about the annoying ants. Walk away from it just for a bit (and take the cake with you).


At least you don’t have to worry about taming your nemesis, the impulse to shop. You have no way to spend, even on credit. That should make you see the things you already have in a whole new light. Enjoy it, and them.


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