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You won’t be too interested in what the outside world has to offer right now. You’d much rather explore the ideas in your own mind. Creativity is an important part of who you are, and it’s controlling your thought processes right now. Your creative urge wants to take another look at all of those old concepts and wacky ideas you stuck back in the attic of your mind. There are some good thoughts in there. Isn’t it time you fleshed them out a little bit more? Contemplation can be very productive.

Singles Lovescope

Some say opposites attract, but you’re drawn to smart, active folks, just like you, though maybe with a little twist. Exploring similarities and differences can show your amazing curiosity.

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You need your partner to help you with an altruistic goal because their capabilities balance yours. Afterward, you’ll see a heap of potential for more joint projects.


Do something nice for yourself. Spend some money on yourself or write a list of all the things you have to offer. Consider it poetry with yourself as the subject. You deserve it.


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