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It’s the little things that matter the most, especially when it comes to partnerships. Who knew that your coworker’s initially charming habit of whistling would become annoying? Or that the way your sweetheart double-knots their shoes, which at first drove you mad, is now one of your favorite things about them? Remember how quickly impressions can change before you lose your temper and any chance for a long-lasting partnership.

Singles Lovescope

Maybe you’ll never get married, but so what? Stop obsessing about it. You’ll talk yourself into a negativity pit if you don’t lay off yourself. Better to be forever single than commit for the wrong reasons.

Couple Lovescope

Today may prove to be trying, but if you keep your head down and push through, you’ll be fine. By tonight you’ll be ready to kick back with your honey, so make some fun plans now.


Plans change at the last minute. In fact, just about everything does. Be free with whatever you expected to get accomplished today, otherwise, you’ll let the crazy details wrap you around the axle and get you nowhere, not to mention throw your money and efforts out the window.


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