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When you’re put into an environment that involves delicate egos today, trust your own judgment. Be sure of what you do. You can handle this tricky situation without any missteps, believe it or not. When you have conviction in your ideas, that faith gives you a strength that no one else can match. If you think something is a bad idea, say so. Just make sure you’re diplomatic about it, especially if it’s your boss’s idea! You are free to criticize right now, so take advantage of this.

Singles Lovescope

If a pal is too shy to tell someone they’re interested, you can help them today. It’s okay to play matchmaker! Drop some not-so-subtle hints and see if you can get something started.

Couple Lovescope

Part of the joy of being coupled is having someone to share your discoveries with. Let your sweetie in on your new favorite song or the cute new place you get coffee in the morning.


You’re reaching out to your regular connections, but you’re making contact with someone completely new. Whether it’s random or planned by the universe isn’t as important as what you make of the circumstance. Try to engage instead of simply observing.


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