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Something about your home life is about to change for the better! Whatever it may be, it should come about through your own initiative. That means you’re in charge of the situation and not just trying to find a way to react. When you hear some great bit of news that prompts you to start dreaming of a new way of life, don’t wait to put that plan into motion.

Singles Lovescope

Remember that phrase about not throwing rocks when you live in a lovely glass condo? Don’t be too critical of others when you’re not exactly perfect yourself. Give your love interest a chance to make mistakes.

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You two wouldn’t act the way that other couple would, but then again, they wouldn’t do what you’re doing either. Live and let live. It’s a cliche, but if you figure out how to do it, you’re pretty much golden.


The squeaky wheel gets the oil, but you’re sick of paying attention to things that aren’t going smoothly. They can wait. Spend the day focusing on all the things that are doing well in your life, like domestic peace.


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