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When someone tries to make you solve one of their big problems, you can do one of two things: You can decide to be compassionate about their situation and do your best to help them out, or you can wish them luck and just keep on moving. After all, something that isn’t your problem isn’t your problem! There is no wrong answer here, but you should at least stop for a moment to imagine what you would like if you were in their shoes.

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You’re usually more the leader than the sidekick, but if someone’s calling on you to back them up on a romantic mission, do your part. Who knows? It could work out for you, too.

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Strategy is your strength, but relationships can’t always be plotted and calibrated. Leave a little room for spontaneity and whimsy. Your partner will love this new, impulsive side. You’ll enjoy it, too.


Getting upset is just a waste of perfectly good energy. You could put it to good use with a bit of effort. Get creative and you could be converting the steam coming out of your ears into a veritable steam engine. You already know your bottom line could use that kind of productivity.


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