Daily Forecast Aries 04-13


Aries Daily Forecast

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It’s definitely time for you to get back to work in a big way. You can tell because you’ve got the blues, and you’ve had them for a while! You’re fully in charge of your day and, more importantly, your evening, so get to it and put it all behind you. You ought to be able to clear off your to-do list in record time if you really apply yourself.

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Your ability to instantly size up a situation is a big asset, but right now you’ll want to communicate your findings with care. You’re looking at it logically, but they may not be.

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Keep your harshest opinions to yourself today. Your loved one is on the same journey that you are, and they need encouragement from you. Be constructive with any criticism you offer.


When you are the emotional one and your foe manages to stay calm, others may be taken in by their sob story. It’s a lot easier for the con artist to remain aloof and it makes sense that the victim would be upset, but the world won’t see it that way. Keep your cool at any cost.



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