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If you’re getting ready to make a big presentation, don’t worry. Your communication will be effective, and you’ll be in firm control of the process the entire time. Your ability to focus on small details without losing sight of the big picture is one of your greatest strengths, currently matched only by your ability to balance your personal and public lives. Some very important people are noticing your impressive juggling abilities.

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Your regular approach to romance just isn’t cutting it. Drop the passive, modest act and let your true feelings and fabulousness shine through. You don’t have to be a tiger, but stop playing possum.

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Sometimes the relationship game involves a few mishaps, but don’t change your standards because of recent events. You’re worried something better won’t come along. Be unafraid and you’ll see a solution.


It’s time to give up on the big bucks, at least for the next few days. Giving it a rest is good for the soul, as well as the only logical response to what’s going on around you. If you just can’t relax, try your best. That should restore your sense of harmony.



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