Daily Forecast Aries 05-05


Aries Daily Forecast

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You’ve been playing for days, and you’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but now it’s time to settle down a bit. Not that that you’ll mind, just this once. Your energy stores are low, and you’re in the mood to chill out and regroup. Yes, you really are. Even perpetually impetuous people like you occasionally need to rest. It’s okay. There’s no shame in taking a break.

Singles Lovescope

Be sure to consider the source if you get some advice about romantic matters today. How well do they really know you? What are they trying to do with their friendly gesture?

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Save the big plans for another time. Right now you’ll want to keep close to home with your sweetie. Don’t worry about being bored — the two of you will find plenty of ways to fill the hours!


Transformation is not only possible, it’s a lot easier than you think. It doesn’t take money, either. The kind of change you’re looking for is both inner and outer, and money just can’t buy it.



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