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Your opinions are valid, but so are everyone else’s – even the ones that clash with yours. Stay open to compromise and listen to what other people have to say. Having a dogmatic attitude about life might make things simpler, but it will also make them a lot more boring. You’re smart enough and charming enough to know how to listen to something you don’t like without losing your cool. You’ll impress people and make more friends by keeping an open mind.

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Your social circles meet today, and that’s not a bad thing. Allow your work buddies and your buddy buddies to hang out for a change. The infusion of new blood and great chemistry will ratchet up the fun.

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Romance isn’t like instant pudding. You can’t just dim the lights, add seductive music, and mix. That spark between you and your significant other was there in the beginning and it will return. Be patient.


The roller coaster ride of your finances could become like a Charles Dickens novel. If you thought that kind of drama only happened in the lives of your boring, old relatives, think again. It’s time to hold onto your hat.


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