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Beware of some crossed signals or less than totally clear communication. A lot of ambient noise is in the air, third-party hearsay or unfounded gossip, for instance. Shut it out! Once you winnow away all that negative stuff, the more significant messages can become clear. Interpreting it as being all about you could be totally wrong.

Singles Lovescope

Love’s on your mind (and in the stars), and work is the furthest thing from it. But a work connection could be a romantically fruitful one now. Explore the options.

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Life is never spelled out in black and white, and today you’re going to have to deal with your partner without the benefit of an operator’s manual. Close your eyes and make a decision.


If you’re feeling lucky, you’re right on the money. Your gambles will all pay off, from financial investments to new dishes in the kitchen. Focus on the kitchen, though, because the financial investments will only benefit other people.


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