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Toss aside any limiting or inhibiting worldviews by diving into deep conversations with those whose intellectual powers meet (or even exceed) yours. It’s hard to understand where someone’s coming from until you make a serious attempt to explore their point of view. Fortunately, your mental energy has given you an open, curious mind and the willingness to work on this aspect of yourself. Use these powers to improve your life.

Singles Lovescope

Make time for a little relaxation. Creative energy is running the show, so try scrapbooking, doodling, or starting a new craft project. Enjoying life at your own speed is one of the best aspects of singledom!

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You can feel that the time is right and the energy is there, so you know you should snap into action. Ask the big question, drop the L-bomb or do whatever you need to do to make things better.


Today feels brand, spanking new, but it won’t be forever. Make the most of your ‘sky’s the limit’ feelings by not focusing on minutiae today. You need to think about goals further down the line and come up plans to reach them. Be both pie in the sky and realistic at the same time.


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