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A friend or co-worker can’t stop talking about a trendy new project or hobby they’ve discovered. They talk a good talk, and your interest has been stirred up. You want to hop on board this bandwagon as soon as possible! Slow down there. You don’t want to get involved in stuff you’re unsure of too soon. Give yourself time to research and observe other people who are already doing what you’re contemplating doing. Let them go through the trial so you don’t make an error.

Singles Lovescope

New connections, dear old friends, and all kinds of good fun are yours for the taking today, so reach out! You bond beautifully through jokes, shared stories, and thinking big together.

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Not every problem can be resolved one-on-one with your partner. This time you need to find a good (and discreet) friend to talk to. You may eventually need to have a big talk, but not yet.


You’re too busy imparting wisdom to take any advice from friends. Even listening to the experts wouldn’t have saved you, but if you pretend it would have you will have learned a valuable lesson.


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