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Keep in mind that your friends in high places are primarily your friends. It would be a shame to forget this fact, especially if you’re growing too interested in how they can get you where you need to be. The minute this focus eclipses your concern for their personal happiness, you run the risk of losing a friendship. These friends are valuable to you not for where they can take you but for who they are. Forget what they do for a living and pay attention to what they teach you.

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You’re totally steady and hot as anything right now, so let your energy do its thing. Get the good stuff moving through exercise to enhance your glow, then get out there!

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Take a break from your usual routine and get a new perspective on life and your relationship. Ask around. You’ll get plenty of good feedback if you listen with an open heart and without judgment.


Don’t make a big splash over every minor setback. If you draw that kind of attention to yourself, your projects are bound to suffer. If nothing else, money is attracted to successes, not failures, no matter how petty.


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