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All of the enthusiastic people around you might be driving you a bit nuts today. You’re simply not feeling the love like they are, and you are in no mood for the pep rally. Do your best to put on a happy face, though. Raining on their parade won’t temper their spirits or make them act normal. Instead, it will probably just make you look like a party pooper. Use your imagination to figure out a way to fake it. That’s your ticket out of crankiness every time.

Singles Lovescope

If you haven’t noticed, your dating profile is a little tired. Spend a few minutes sprucing it up. Ask a friend to write it. They’ll have an entirely different and interesting perspective on you.

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Divulge your dreams to your partner. In fact, words may not be enough to fully express the deeper feelings that are at play in your psyche right now. Your partner will be filled with acceptance and understanding.


Acquaintances can suddenly become friends. Unfortunately, friends can just as suddenly seem like strangers. Funny how money changes people. Keep a tight grip on what has real value.


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