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Today one of your relationships could reach a crossroads, although you might not have an awareness of it until you’ve already gone one way and they’ve gone the other. Don’t let this growing sense of emotional distance make you lose hope, though. Sometimes people have to go off in their own direction to find what they need. This could be a temporary separation, you know. Roads that diverge can come back around again. Your relationship is not going to end.

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Socialize as much as you can. You’re the one everyone wants to meet. Go right ahead and entertain them with your best stories and jokes. Someone new is quite impressed with your social skills.

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Try not to worry too much about everything that’s going on today. Your partner can help you pick up the slack if it comes to that. Getting overwhelmed won’t help anyone, so take a deep breath and move on.


Sentimentality is getting in the way of wrapping things up. Putting off the inevitable won’t bring back yesterday, or the money you had then. Take one last look over your shoulder and close the door.


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