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Break out the palette, pen, knitting needles or whatever you use to please your muse. Your energy emphasizes art and creation right now. That could mean exploring a museum you’ve never been to, or maybe looking through your old sketchbooks from that long-ago life-drawing class. It should provide plenty of inspiration to pick up your tools and make something that pleases you.

Singles Lovescope

If you’re mixing work and romance, be aware that this kind of fooling around can blow up, especially the way things are right now. Even if it’s just a friend’s romantic adventures, be sure to handle with care!

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The future beckons to you and your partner to the point where you’re having a tough time remembering what you’re doing in the present. A little fantasizing is fine, but don’t let it get out of hand.


It may seem easy to just give in to your oppressor, but you’d gladly throw all of your money into the fire rather than give up fighting for it. Way to go, Tiger. You’ll soon see a shift in the balance of power in your favor so continue summoning as much patience as you can possibly muster.


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