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Sleeping late seems like a good idea even if you’ve got a busy day ahead of you. Your energy might be low and your motivation even lower. Maybe you’re troubled by some unresolved tension in your personal life, or maybe you’re just worn out from a hectic schedule. Whatever is going on, take care of yourself first. Everything else can wait.

Singles Lovescope

No one’s going to pull the wool over your eyes, but be extra wary of a wolf in sheep’s clothing in the romantic realm now. If your instincts tell you something’s not right, pay attention.

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Even if you both are busy, you’d be silly to waste the fabulous vibes coming your way from the stars. Matters of the heart and all things physical are favored.


You’re feeling wild on the inside without ever stepping out of character. That’s a good thing, because you have a lot to tackle today and none of it would benefit from howling at the moon. Keep it all buttoned up as you go about your business.


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