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One of your personal relationships has been bothering you lately. Harsh words were exchanged, and now you’re wishing you could learn to stop staying things before you think them through! If an apology is in order, make it quick. The longer you delay admitting you screwed up, the worse the damage will be. Everyone makes mistakes, but only people of quality know when they have to learn from them. It’s a good thing that you’re such a good student!

Singles Lovescope

While you might feel like you want love to come into your life right this minute, remember that the journey to your goal is a valuable experience too. Try to find pleasure in the whole process, the ups and the downs.

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Waiting for your partner to spice up your relationship could leave you angry and frustrated. Why not take the initiative? Romance isn’t a one-way street. Make the first move and see where it takes you both.


Your old way of doing things may be out the window but you still haven’t come in for your soft landing yet. You may think you’ve rearranged your finances just about as much as you can, but there are still more ways to reorganize your expenses. Take another look with a more critical eye.



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