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Right about now and for the next couple of days you really should be wearing a warning label, because you’ll be anything but objective, unemotional, and detached, qualities your sign is usually famous for. Go ahead and let your feelings go. But if you want to be just a tad considerate of your loved ones, try to let them know that you won’t be quite yourself before you reach for the tissues and they reach for the phone to dial 911.

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Unexpected outbursts from a close friend could mean that problems are starting to bubble up to the surface. When people suppress how they really feel, they eventually explode and lash out. Don’t take it personally.

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Emotions don’t come easy. Use your powers of creativity and logic to work through a romantic difficulty with ease right now.


There’s nothing you hate more than a Polly Anna, and yet you can’t help but feel that things will turn out for the best. Keep your faith in life’s hidden agenda. It will only be revealed once you attempt the seemingly impossible.



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