Daily Forecast Cancer 04-18


Cancer Daily Forecast

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You still haven’t settled down, have you? Do you feel as if you’re operating your mouth without engaging your brain first? Well, try your best to get it under control. If it doesn’t work, though, don’t worry about it. The entire world is going to be quite chatty today, so you’re certainly not alone. For once, in fact, you’ll blend right in. Some people may even wonder why you’re so quiet.

Singles Lovescope

Have you been doing a lot of taking lately without giving back much in return? Set aside some time today to reconnect. If you don’t, the inequity of your actions could start causing resentment among your people.

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If you’ve been sitting on the fence a long time, it might be too hard for you to reach any kind of decision. Your partner might be able to push you off to one side or the other, though.


You’ll find yourself schmoozing in the most unlikely of places. You don’t need a cocktail in your hand to feel like you’re socializing. Your networking abilities just can’t be turned off like a spigot today, so put them to good use, wherever you may be.



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