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You might be feeling a little insecure about your social status right now, but if there is any kind of power shift going on among your friends, it’s a temporary disturbance. Have more faith in your people. They have things going on in their lives that are creating some weird energy, and it has nothing to do with you. A new beginning is coming quite soon, something that will unite all of you in a common cause.

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If you invite someone to coffee and expect them to pay, you could be in for more than just a monetary disappointment. It could trip up the early vibes of a blooming romance. If you invite them, it’s your treat.

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A situation that seemed like a problem might actually be a blessing in disguise. Take a closer look and see how you can turn this into something beneficial for you and your partner.


The details matter, but you shouldn’t live and breathe by them. Zoom out a bit and take a look at the bigger picture. It includes people, not just money.



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