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When it comes to the world at large, you’ve always been able to smile and have them thinking that you’re on the same page, whether or not that happens to be true. That’s going to be even more the case now, but if you have feelings you really do need to share, don’t stifle them for the sake of being nice. You don’t have to offend anyone. Just excuse yourself and find a loved one you’re sure understands you.

Singles Lovescope

Ring up your people and open your home to them for whatever they want to do. It’s a good time for games, book clubs, or whatever brings folks together. Tap into your youthful spirit and have a blast.

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Today is an ideal time to catch up on all the little things. Pay bills, answer emails, or tidy up. When you’re done, spend a little quality time catching up with your loved one.


Stop the hand-wringing. You can achieve a lot with relatively simple measures. Making list and sticking to a budget don’t take financial genius, but they can squeeze out a pretty penny.



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