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Let go of negative things today — it will be easier than ever before, because your mind is eager to move on to more positive endeavors. One way is to release yourself from being responsible for other people’s happiness — you have to let them take care of their own issues. Instead, start focusing more on the new opportunities coming your way soon. Have faith and hope that things are only going to get better, and they will.

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How do you really feel about power? You need to make smart choices instead of simply acting on impulse and then being surprised by the results. Take charge of your love life and you may see a relationship escalate.

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So your partner might be reacting to something you say in a way you find totally overblown. Don’t overblow back! Take a deep breath and ask them what’s up.


If money was like sand pouring through your fingers, it may seem impossible that you’ll ever get it back. Or you may wonder what the point is in the first place of a castle made of sand. Put both thoughts out of your head and pretend life is a day at the beach.



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