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You’re not used to this — to being so emotional, that is. So when your eyes start welling up with tears (again), and everyone who knows you tells you to take a nap, don’t argue with them. They’re genuinely concerned, and you really can’t blame them. It’s not as if you act like this every day, now is it? Be as patient and understanding as you possibly can. Your loved ones certainly are.

Singles Lovescope

Express what you’re feeling and everything will be so much clearer. There’s a chance this person isn’t feeling the same way, of course, but you never know until you try.

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Are you thinking you’ve hit an unlucky streak at a critical point in time? Ask your partner for their perspective. You might just be seeing the trees. They can help give you perspective on the forest.


Don’t compare yourself to a fantasy life; you’re bound to make yourself feel like a failure. In your daydreams things may be getting only bigger and better, but real life has another storyline. Find the way it’s gone up, if only slightly, and focus on that.


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