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Someone you admire a great deal may be available to be your mentor. All you have to do is ask. You can’t be shy when you’re so close to such a great opportunity. Push yourself to make the first move and get a conversation going. Find out if they can answer a few questions, give you a few pointers, or at least give their feedback on your ideas. You can no longer sit on the sidelines of your own life. Get in the game and start playing today! The sooner you get started the better.

Singles Lovescope

It’s one of those days when you feel totally self-sufficient, and that can only be good. When you stop pining for something or someone is often when it sneaks right up on you.

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Your natural charisma has your partner eating out of your hand right now, but try not to exploit the situation too much. It’s fun to play games together as long as you remember that you each need each other.


Lending money is fine, as long as you have it, and you’ve done more than your share. But harsh times demand a change in tactics. It’s time to call in all debts, so start tallying up what others owe.


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