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You could be under scrutiny today, and you could get some feedback you don’t like. Don’t take it personally. People are allowed to express ideas you don’t agree with or even like, and how you handle it says a lot about who you are. Show people that you’re mature and can handle the truth without getting angry. Take a more analytical approach and distance yourself from these comments. Keep all of your feelings in check to diminish the power of what they say.

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You’re one cool cat and everyone knows it. It’s a great time to keep everything in balance: work, health, fun. Stick with the basics and find solace in simplicity. Let romance take care of itself.

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You might be feeling torn in different directions today. Try to prioritize what you need to do so you can make it all work. Be sure to take care of your own needs. Your time with your partner is important too.


If you need some incentive to make money, try remembering how it felt to be employed rather than self employed. And if you still chafe under the authority of a boss, then give yourself five minutes to fantasize making enough to buy your way out.


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