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There’s a certain enlightening combination of facts, fiction, and circumstance that only you are privy to today. That means you’ll be in a power position, and you should use it wisely. Keep your cards close to your chest and don’t spill too much information. Others may try to pry some secrets out of you, but the more you share, the weaker your position becomes. Take on as big of a leadership position as you possibly can. You may regret taking a back seat this time.

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You’re all about fresh starts and new opportunities, but your energy is pushing you to apply it to the romantic present (and maybe past) instead of the future. Figure it out right away.

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When it comes to your emotions, it’s time to get into the groove. Ignoring them will just make them go underground and fester. Lots of privacy might be in order — get everything sorted out to your satisfaction.


Daydreaming about the old days will make you want to take out your wallet. But the funds just aren’t there. Don’t overspend just for the sake of stoking nostalgia.


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