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Cleaning and organizing still has you completely captivated. You can’t think of anything you’d rather do than alphabetize your books or spices. Once everything is exactly where you want it to be, though, you might want to at least try to turn your attention toward one other activity, just briefly. Isn’t there someone out there who’s been trying for days now to entice you into spending a few minutes alone with them? You’ve got a wonderfully clean nest to show off. Invite them over.

Singles Lovescope

It’s not the best time to start something new, because your ideas about what’s going on may differ wildly from someone else’s. Get clear about expectations, and consider enjoying your own company.

Couple Lovescope

You can do something useful for your partner today. They may ask you for help, but if they don’t, you can always volunteer it. Let them know you are there for them all the time.


You’re in the bewildered and befuddled stage, but you’re about to snap out of it. Why all the money went down the drain isn’t as important as the fact that it’s gone. Time to step out of the haze and get back to work.


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