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You’ve never been known for being able to run with the crowd or even blend in much. In fact, you probably don’t even associate with those you believe to have normal, boring lifestyles. For now, those qualities are especially appreciated by the rest of the world, so don’t hold back even a little bit. You never know who’s watching, but chances are good that right now it will be someone who just loves your spirit.

Singles Lovescope

Put a song in your heart and joy in your life. Do something that’s irresistible and completely pointless. Enjoying your own company, appreciating who you are, they’re all necessary steps to enjoying another’s company.

Couple Lovescope

For once, you’re the one that’s all pie-in-the-sky and your partner’s trying to talk you back down to earth. No need to hurry. You’re cute when you’re being unrealistic.


You might think you’re in charge of your own financial decisions but actually your emotions are leading you around by the nose. Use your intellect to make wise decisions this time around, not your emotions.


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