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The only thing you want to have on your mind today is romance. Keep your focus on your partner and don’t dwell on petty annoyances or minor inconveniences. So what if the lettuce on your sandwich is wilted, or the soft drinks from the convenience store aren’t as cold as you like them? Nothing will spoil the mood faster than endless grousing about silly stuff. Blow it off and have some fun.

Singles Lovescope

Your heart may want to move quickly, but your head knows better. Don’t rush in where fools fear to tread. Avoid getting involved with matters (and people) you’re unsure of. Play it safe for now.

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Expect a shift in energy now, from being inside your own headspace to reentering the world around you with renewed energy, and a little extra oomph in the realm of romance. What’ll the two of you do tonight?


Spending the day doing absolutely nothing is not selfish, no matter what anyone tries to make you think. You need some time to regenerate. Those are more than paper tigers you’ll be up against come Monday.


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