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Do you think someone isn’t being totally open with you right now? Your instincts are right. But their tight-lipped status isn’t due to an inability to trust you. They’re keeping quiet because they’re afraid that you don’t want to hear what they have to say! Make it clear to this friend, associate, or acquaintance that you’re totally willing to hear what they say. And take any advice, if they give it. It’s going to be valuable.

Singles Lovescope

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s definitely working in your favor today. Ask your crush all those questions you’ve been mulling over in your head. The answers might surprise you.

Couple Lovescope

Your emotions are bubbling to the surface, and your partner will almost certainly be charmed to see your earnest and heartfelt feelings. Don’t be embarrassed. Run with the energy.


Things are starting to add up to something that makes a whole lot of sense — and cents. You may have been the only one who thought that each little detail would eventually turn into something big, so pat yourself on the back for having faith.


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