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You’ve had the pedal to the metal for a while, so take a moment to kick back and relax a little. The work isn’t going to go anywhere. You put your all into whatever you choose to do, and you’ll probably work a lot of overtime trying to make sure your goals and deadlines are met. There’s no use wearing yourself out, however. A little rest and relaxation will reenergize you for the challenges ahead.

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Hope springs eternal for you, or at least it should, all things considered. Reality may not quite be measuring up to your standards at the moment, but give it a little time and a little space.

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After a period of feeling like you weren’t getting anywhere, you’re starting to see progress toward your goals. Be sure to share your happy news with your loved one. They’ve been on your side all along.


Your first course of action should be identifying the real problem. Going over your budget is one thing, but going over your spending is quite another. Start keeping track of every penny.


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