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Mundane responsibilities might be the last thing you want to deal with right now. You’ve got bigger things on your mind and in your heart. However, your boss or partner doubtless has a different take on what your priorities ought to entail. Meanwhile, your attitude is likely to be along the “my way or the highway” axis. You really can deal with this if you try to be a little bit obliging. It might be a good idea to give it a whirl.

Singles Lovescope

Use karma as your guide. You should be sure you’re on the right romantic path. Trust your intuition. If something feels right to you, odds are you’re on to something good!

Couple Lovescope

Avoid making concrete plans today; you’re better off keeping your options open. If you have to make a decision, go for the choice that allows you and your partner the most flexibility.


The universe puts on a show just for you, and it’s quite a concert. You can hear every note, whether musical or monetary. In fact, each IOU you give out or receive plays its own sad song.


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