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There’s been a huge array of changes going on with the people in your social network, some things that you’re not even aware of. Consider throwing a small get-together or dinner party to get everyone in the same room again. Relationships are living things. They continually grow and evolve, so make sure you’re keeping involved and encouraging them to grow in the right direction. Folks will always come and go, so enjoy them while they’re meant to be in your life.

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Your easygoing nature saves the day! When others panic, you’re calm and collected with a handy solution. Adding drama to a situation isn’t your style, and it shows, impressing those closest to you.

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Timing is everything, especially because you two are in line to pull off a major coup. Overcalculating could actually hurt your plans, however. Don’t forget to let instinct and spontaneity play a part too.


You have plenty of good ideas, but you just can’t get any traction. All is not wasted, though. Some of your little gems will turn into something bigger down the road, and some will be fodder for future finances.


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