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The time to reveal yourself may become apparent and unavoidable today. At the moment, someone who’s been distancing from you is about to ask for amends of some sort. If you’re game and appreciate their authenticity, let them back into your immediate circle. If not, maybe it’s time for a change. Your feelings are as deep seated as they come, and you don’t usually share them — not unless you have to.

Singles Lovescope

Think outside your usual topics today. Take detours, ponder a few different ideas, and try a few new perspectives as you look deeply into your own. Lots of great, personal flourishing can happen now.

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Your partner will most likely follow along with your decisions today, thanks to your almost hypnotic charm. Don’t abuse your power, of course, but there’s no need to be a saint, either.


You might not have your former glory but you still have your confidence. In fact, it’s your most valuable asset. You don’t have to act like a celebrity, but do get out there and strut your stuff.


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