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There could be a big case of the blahs going around today, so don’t expect to get a lot done unless you wake everybody out of their stupor! You might have to work extra hard to get everyone to step out of their usual routine and start thinking outside the box, but you’ll have fun doing it. And once you get people to see what they could be doing instead of seeing what they always do, they’ll be grateful for the wake-up call.

Singles Lovescope

Listen up! When it comes to romance, you need to stop, take a deep breath, and let your inner voice speak clearly. Take any advice you get from friends, and pay attention to any alarm bells!

Couple Lovescope

Practice the art of flirting on your partner. What’s that you say? Your skills are rusty? Well, that’s even more reason to break them out and get going. It’s all about lighthearted fun and good times today.


Face it, you have stars in your eyes. Visions of future profits are making you more impulsive than usual. Take a deep breath and look at things more closely. Planning long-term stuff based on your fantasies alone is foolish.


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