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Try not to start anything that you can’t finish. Flirtatious conversations could lead someone to believe that they’re at the beginning of something when in fact you’re just trying to be charming, so be prudent. Making a date when you know you might not be able to keep it will only get you a reputation as flaky. It’s much better to ask for more time so that you can fully commit than it is to just tell someone what they want to hear and then back out.

Singles Lovescope

Luck isn’t exactly working for you when it comes to the love department now. In fact, the smartest approach might be no approach at all! Let the situation evolve naturally.

Couple Lovescope

Don’t wait for your partner to suggest the changes you want to make. When you initiate the new ideas, you get to decide how to make them happen. Why not get something started today?


You can’t afford to make decisions based on whether your routine is dull or exciting. But you can come up with ways to keep yourself from feeling bored. Looking at your account balance should keep you on the edge of your seat.


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